About Us

About Ovivo Wellness.

Wellness is part of being human, but so is the disease. From the publishers of Reader’s Digest, backed by 98 years of experience delivering trusted content that informs and inspires, Ovivo Wellness provides real-world answers and science to your top health questions and concerns. Whether it’s discovering which nutrients you really need (and where to get them), how to navigate the healthcare system, what home remedies or alternative therapies are worth trying, or the best ways to overcome your own or a fear of a member of the family. , depression, pain or chronic condition, you’ve come to the right place.

We know that people are more than their diagnosis. Our goal is to responsibly research the effectiveness and risks of all wellness pathways and show the human face of wellness and disease. We embrace the power of storytelling to say something real and real about causes, treatments and recovery – the whole lived experience of understanding, confronting and overcoming (or making peace with) a health problem.

Our Mission
At Ovivo Wellness, we understand that people are overwhelmed by the volume of health and wellness advice available, which is often contradictory or perceived as biased. We strive to streamline and curate a collection of content that helps you find not only information, but experiences that resonate with your particular concern or condition. To give you a deeper understanding of where this information comes from and the evidence that supports it.

Healthcare decisions can be difficult. Ovivo Wellness makes them easier.